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Teaching Philosophy

Piano Lessons in Susan’s Studio

Music is a celebration of life. Through my years as a pianist, vocalist, and teacher, life has taught me to enjoy each day for the blessings it has to offer. Teaching others how to appreciate life’s great blessings and to express that gratitude in music is my life’s work and passion. The world over, people may be created slightly different physically, but the human heart remains constant. Love, Joy, Peace, and Understanding are the principles that transcend geography and culture, and unite us as a global community. It is my pleasure to bring that message to my students.



1. The student will be assessed and instructed at a level that is consistent with previous musical experience—Graded theory and activity books prepare the student for progressively difficult repertoire.

2. A kinesthetic, “hands-on” approach is preferred to verbal, lecture-style instruction. One learns by doing, not only by hearing.

3. The student-teacher relationship should be positive and encouraging so that the student is actively involved in the learning process, and feels free to ask questions.