More References are available upon request

Lisa Jones, Owner of D.L. Jones & Associates in Anthem, AZ
(Written March 4, 1014)
“Susan Pound has an amazing talent for song-writing that captivates the listener. She also has great performance skills.”

The Turner Family; Client for 7 years in New River, AZ
(Written on December 3, 2013)
“Susan has been our daughter’s piano teacher since she was six years old (7 years now). Our daughter loves her lessons with Susan and has progressed wonderfully! She has even won a few talent shows and performed solos in her school’s various shows. If you are looking for a true professional, we highly recommend Susan at A Joyful Voice.”

William & Traci Peterson; Client for 1 year in Anthem, AZ
(Written on December 15, 2013)
“Susan is a great piano teacher. Our kids, ages 12, 11, and 8, have learned so much in a short period of time. She is patient and they look forward to every lesson. The kids love to play and practice! We couldn’t be happier with our selection of Susan as their instructor. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a piano teacher.”

Carole Hannon; Client for 1 year in Anthem, AZ
(Written on December 3, 2012)
“I always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Raising my family didn’t allow for much time and when there was free time, I felt maybe I couldn’t learn it at “my age”. Nonetheless, I did an internet search for a local piano teacher and came upon one site that caught my eye. So, I went off an email and met with Susan the following week. The entry level books, which I ordered online, got me familiar with piano theory. However, it was Susan’s patient, gentle nature that won me over. Her style is nice and easy, and I will emphasize patient. Today, I can read music and can actually play a piece. I have a long way to go, but even my husband is impressed and I like that. I plan on continuing to learn and hope to have my grandchildren recognize that grandma can really play the piano!”

Christian K.; Client for 1 year in Desert Hills, AZ
(Written on December 4, 2012)
“I have known Susan Pound for almost one year. She is a caring, patient teacher. Her soft loving approach in teaching piano is wonderful! My 7 year old daughter looks forward to piano lessons! Susan goes out of her way to work around my busy schedule.”

Melody Olson; Client for 3 years in Anthem, AZ
(Review written on October 19, 2011)
“Susan is sooo wonderful!  She is a patient and kind teacher. She teaches 3 of my kids; my 2 girls love it and she even makes piano bearable for my youngest (who doesn't want lessons at all). They have really grown in the time she has taught them. They all 3 sound wonderful and I really enjoy listening to them play, thanks to Susan. She has a very kind heart, which is obvious when you meet her and her skills are unbeatable.”

Maria Lennon; Fellow Choir member in Anthem, AZ
(Review written on March 23, 2011)
"Susan Pound, the accompanist for our church choir for several years, is a dynamic and talented musician who brings a sense of professionalism to all she does.  As our pianist/organist, we can always count on Susan to be prepared and ready to play any type of music - some pieces being quite difficult and challenging.  I, personally, have also been quite impressed with Susan's ability as a song writer and vocalist.  The music she writes is stunningly beautiful and when she sings, the church gets quiet and the congregation is visibly moved.  Whatever Susan does musically, she does well and I would recommend her for any position: teacher, vocalist, songwriter, performer, accompanist, etc."

Kip Fox; Worship & Arts Director at Cross of Christ Lutheran in Anthem, AZ
(2006 to present)
“Susan Pound has been working for me for the past 6 years on a weekly basis.  In all that time, she has never missed a day, has always been on time and is always prepared.  It’s remarkable, the amount of commitment she has shown to us as an accompanist.  I would recommend Susan for any position, as I know she has a very caring and patient attitude, and is a very good teacher!”

Mary Crow; client for 2 years in Anthem, AZ
(2008 to 2010)
“I would like to offer my recommendation for Susan Pound Roark as a qualified candidate for employment.  Susan has been my daughter’s piano instructor for two years now, and we have been very happy to have her as a teacher.  My daughter has learned a great deal in that period of time, but more importantly, she is developing a love of piano and always looks forward to her lessons with “Miss Susan”.  Susan is not only professional, but is also kind, gentle and patient with her students.”

Charlie Littrell; client for 2 years in Phoenix, AZ
(2006 to 2008)
“As an adult piano student, I appreciate Susan’s willingness to be flexible with my lessons. It has been difficult for me to find time to practice, but Susan tailored my lessons accordingly. She also took into account my learning style which made coming to lessons fun and learning new pieces very accessible. She clearly has a love for music which comes through in her teaching.”

Christina Shim; client for 3 years in Anthem, AZ
(2007 to 2010)
“Our son Noah has been a student of Susan for the past 2 years. We love Susan and her teaching method. She is so patient and encouraging, while implementing her voice of authority when needed.  Noah has progressed so much more under Susan's supervision than he ever did with campus-based lessons from school.  Noah loves and respects Susan a lot and we believe she has earned this love and attention with her age-appropriate teaching skills and positive attitude.  Noah gets motivated because he sees improvement with his piano skills and the beautiful songs that he is learning.  We are very happy with Susan and we highly recommend her to a new student.” 
Melody Olson; client for 2 years in Anthem, AZ
(2009 to present)
“Susan teaches my 7 year old son piano.  She comes to my home once a week for the lessons.  This is very convenient for homeschoolers as you can continue doing school work with other children in the comfort of your own home, while one child is doing his/her piano lesson.  My son is taking piano against his will (moms are so mean :), and can be less than enthusiastic when it's time to start, but Susan has always been very patient with him and tries to get him interested.  She has found songs for him that he really enjoys playing and practicing. She is very friendly and professional and clearly knowledgeable in her field.  I am starting my girls with her this fall as well, so she'll be here for an hour and a half doing lessons in my home while I get things done!!! :) Susan is wonderful and my kids are really looking forward to their lessons starting this August.”

Linda Gregg;  client for 3 years in Phoenix, AZ
(2006 to 2009)
The Grandmother:  “I have long meant to tell Susan how special the piano lessons for my granddaughter(s) are.  I thank Susan for allowing me to bring Tyler along for Makenze's first year of lessons.  Tyler waited patiently until she was 5 yrs. old and is now so excited to be taking lessons herself.  I know that Makenze has not made much progress with the piano and with Tyler's few lessons, neither has she.  But know that it is because of their already hectic schedules and the hectic schedules of their parents.  They, obviously, do not get practice time at home even with all good intentions.  However, it is worth it to us for them to have exposure to the piano and to music.  I think if it were any other teacher, Makenze would have stopped long ago and Tyler would never have begun.  The girls come because they like Susan.  They are comfortable with Susan and I am very pleased with the patience and kindness she exhibits when teaching them.  I am pleased that they are learning theory.  Someday, it will "click" with them and they will grow more interested in practicing and learning or they may decide that piano is not for them. I still feel the day will come when we will start seeing real progress - it is just up to the girls.  Susan, thank you for everything you do and thanks for your friendship.”

Kip Fox; Songwriter/Artist and Music & Arts Director at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Anthem, AZ (2006 to present)
 “Susan has been nothing short of magnificent since we’ve started using her in our worship services.  She is also very good at pushing her students to succeed in a positive way.  What impresses me most about Susan is her dependability.  She is a true professional.”

Darlene Pope-Turner; client for 5 years in New River, AZ
(2006 to present)
The Mother:  “My daughter, Desiree, just loves her lessons with Susan and is progressing wonderfully.  Desiree is so excited to be reading music and always says her lessons are ‘great!’.  Desiree has a true passion for the piano and she plans to play the piano ‘for the rest of my life!’.”  I am so glad we found Susan.”

Jeanne Schulze; Choir Director at Cross of Christ Lutheran in Anthem, AZ
(2006 to 2008)
 “I have worked with Susan this past year in her role as Church organist/pianist and accompanist for the church choir that I direct.  She has made a very significant contribution to the music and worship of our church through her musical expertise, willingness to learn and adapt to the needs of our multi-generational congregation and her dedication.  Susan approaches her role not just as a job, but as a ministry.  This, in turn, has inspired the members of our choir and therefore the congregation to worship and praise in a more inspired and meaningful way.  Clearly, we would not have made the progress we made as a choir this year had it not been for Susan’s contribution to the team.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Susan and appreciate all of the gifts that she has to offer.  Through working with her, music students will most definitely be learning not just the notes, but the music on the page and that which is written in their hearts.”

Chris & Birgit Close; client for 1 year in (Tramonto) Phoenix, AZ
(2007 to 2009)
The Parents:  “We feel very fortunate having Susan visiting our home and teaching Max and Luke the piano. Max in particular seems to have found something that he can excel at and if we had not been prodded by Susan he perhaps never would have found that he may have a talent for it. We also respect Susan’s style of teaching, quiet encouragement yet firm when necessary! It is a testament to her skills that she came to us as a referral and we certainly intend to keep the boys hard at it especially as they enjoy it so much. We feel that she has a gift for this – our boys love to play without even being asked.
Thanks Susan!”

The Student—9 years old:  “I really like to play the piano now that I know what the notes are!!! In fact, Miss Susan has helped me so much that when I entered the School District Talent show I got into the final playing the piano and I was up against over 150 students! Next year I’m looking forward to starting some more difficult pieces and understanding more theory. Max.”

Dr. Erica Wierich, client for 2 years in Los Altos Hills, CA
(2003 to 2005)
The Mother:  “Susan has a profound understanding of the learning process and is an amazing musician.  She is patient and kind, and combines all of these qualities to provide a fun and effective learning experience.  She balances theory and practice in her lessons, and tunes in to the student’s strengths and interests.”

The Student—8 years old:  “Susan is very nice and patient.  There is a lot of homework but if I can’t do it all she doesn’t get mad, she helps me.  I wouldn’t want any other piano teacher.”

Martha Young, client for 3 years in Mountain View, CA
(2002 to 2005)
The Mother:  “I really appreciate Susan’s understanding and patience with my daughter’s learning style.  She is always encouraging—never putting too much pressure, yet stressing the areas that need work.  She is very flexible on scheduling and making up classes—a huge bonus for busy families.”

Heather McDonald, client for 1 year in Mountain View, CA
(2004 to 2005)
The Mother/Student:  “I have enjoyed my lessons with Susan very much.  As someone new to piano but with prior music experience, I think Susan was able to pinpoint a challenging but attainable level for me to begin at.  Susan is very helpful at identifying trouble spots and making suggestions for improvement.  She’s also flexible about lesson structure and very open to hearing student ideas.”

The Student—11 years old:  “I like the way Susan teaches because she works on songs until you’re really good at them instead of weekly songs.  Another reason I like the way she teaches is because she picks challenging songs, but songs that might be interesting to me.”

Betsy Moore, client for 3 years in Sunnyvale, CA
(2002 to 2005)
The Mother:  “Susan is a very good piano teacher.  She has a gentle and calm demeanor, and she is always polite, not judgmental or critical.  My son has learned a lot from her and remains motivated to continue after 3 years.  In terms of scheduling and billing, I’ve found Susan to be very easy to work with.”

The Student—14 years old:  “Susan is a superb teacher.  She is kind, patient, and, most importantly, cares about her work.  She has taught me a great deal and continues to do so.”

Lorian French, client for 1 year in Mountain View, CA
(2004 to 2005)
The Mother:  “Susan is a wonderful teacher.  She has kept my child motivated and excited about learning to play piano.  She is also a consummate professional.  The recital that she organized was a great success and opportunity for the children to experience performing.”

The Student—10 years old:  “Mrs. Susan is a kind, caring teacher.  Mrs. Susan teaches me at just the right pace.  She gives me a good choice of music to learn.  She is very flexible.”

Christina Girerd, client for 2 years in Mountain View, CA
(2003 to 2005)
The Mother:  “Susan has done a fine job with our children.  She comes to our house and on the rare occasion she is delayed, she always calls.  The children enjoy learning from her.  She teaches at an appropriate pace for their level.  She’s willing to choose songs the children are interested in.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a piano teacher.”

The Student—7 years old:  “Mrs. Susan is a nice and fun teacher.  I like doing lessons with her.”

Kathy Armistead, client for 3 years in Los Altos, CA
(2001 to 2004)
The Mother:  “Susan was a warm and loving instructor while she taught my children (9 & 7 years).  The kids were so fond of her that when our cat had kittens, they wanted her to have one.  She is very sound in her instruction of theory.”

Linda Jackson; Mission Pastor, Crosswalk Community Church in Sunnyvale, CA
(1994 to 2004)
 “I have known Susan for about 10 years.  She has played piano with multiple music groups, choirs, and praise bands in our services and contributes special music as well.  She has a beautiful solo voice and works well with different leaders and pastors.  It is always a pleasure to work with Susan in music.”

John Coleman; Minister of Music, First Baptist Church in Pleasanton, TX
(1986 to 1988)
 “Susan is a talented musician who has played and sung at our church on several occasions.  I recommend her highly in any position requiring an accomplished pianist or singer.”